How To Deploy Java Web Application/WAR File On Amazon Beanstalk?

This tutorial will show you a step by step procedure to deploy your java web application on Amazon EC2 Server. You must have a access to a valid Amazon AWS Server.
  1. First go to this URL
  2. Go to My Account/Console on top right and select My Account and login with your email and password.Amazon AWS Login
  3.  After logging in, you will be shown the details of your package. Again go to My Account/Console and select AWS Management Console this time.
  4. Select Elastic Beanstalk tab.
    Amazon Elastic Beanstalk
  5. Click on Create New Application button on top right. A dialogue box will appear.Amazon AWS/EC2 Beanstalk create new application
  6. Provide an application name and click on Choose File button and upload your WAR file. Press Continuebutton.Amazon EC2/Beanstalk application details
  7.  On next dialogue box provide environment details that include and environment name and optional description. Press Continuebutton.Amazon AWS/EC2 Beanstalk environment details
  8.  On the next dialogue box provide configuration details -if you have any- I left everything as default.Amazon AWS/EC2 Beanstalk configuration details
  9.  On the next dialogue box, review your configurations and pres Finish button . Be patient, it will takes some time before environment is setup.

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