Basic Maven Installation

1- Download latest Maven library from the following URL .

2- Unzip the file at some proper location (in my case its C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\apache-maven-2.0.9).

3- Make sure your JAVA_HOME environment variable is set to Java home directory.

4- You need to setup two environment variables for Maven

  • M2_HOME
  • M2

For Windows:

Go to My Computer > Properties >Advance tab > Environment variables > Under User variables > New and provide both M2_HOME and M2 environment variables. M2_HOME will be upto the home directory where Maven is extracted while M2 will be equal to %M2_HOME%\bin.

For Linux:

Go to your home directory > in the view menu, check “show hidden files”. Open “.bashrc” file in an editor like gedit.

At the end of the file add these three lines

 export M2_HOME = Path_To_Maven_Home_Directory

export M2= Path_To_Maven_Bin_Directory

export PATH = $PATH: Path_To_Maven_Bin_Directory

 5- You also need to update the PATH environment variable in case of windows in order to access Maven commands from console. Go to My computer > properties > Advance tab > Click Environment Variable Button > under system variables find PATH variable > Click Edit and at the end provide the path up to the bin folder of Maven. In my case it is C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\apache-maven-2.0.9\bin

6- To verify that every thing is setup according to the plan open console and type mvn –version. You should see something similar to the following figure.

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