An Easy Way To Use Contact Picker

API for selecting a contact in iOS seems unnecessarily difficult, it becomes a nightmare when you have to use it again and again at different places in your project. I think the idea of delegates is over-used in iOS, and they could have made things much simpler by relying on blocks instead.
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How to make scrolling work on an iOS app screen?

Among many other things, scrolling is one that we take for granted when developing web apps. As soon as content grows beyond visible screen, good browsers themselves add scrollbars to the screen. Try making it work on an iOS app screen, you’ll be surprised how tricky this thing can get.
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Taming UIAlertView

There are a few things in iOS development which are surprisingly difficult, UIAlertView is one of them. If your UIAlertView contains only one button, which cancels the dialog, things will be easy. But as soon as you’ll think of adding more buttons to it, you’ll realize that you’ll need to create a delegate class and assign the delegate to the UIAlertView instance. This is ridiculous, because given the frequency of use of UIAlertView, you’ll end up creating unnecessary delegate classes.
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