Why my browser sent duplicate requests to the server for a page?

I have a specific page in one of my webapps, requesting which from browser sent duplicate requests to the backend controller. We spent hours and hours but found no clue: there was no page refresh tag in head, no JavaScript that would invoke a reload, no favicon problem.

I then started removing chunks from my HTML page one by one and stumbled upon a tag removing which fixed the duplicate request problem. And this tag was, to my surprise, a little innocent tag.

It turned out that tag had “#” as its src. As soon as the page (let’s say “localhost:3000/edit-content?id=xxx”) loaded, browser sent another request to “#” to pull content of the image. The “#” translated into the URL of the same page (i.e. “localhost:3000/edit-content?id=xxx#”), hence my controller at server received duplicate requests for one page.

So I reset the initial “src” of the tag to an empty string which finally fixed the problem.

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Umar Ashfaq

Umar Ashfaq is a full-stack web developer. His core strength is building neat UIs with JavaScript on web but he also enjoys server side Java, NodeJS and Objective C. Follow him on twitter @umarashfaq87

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