Motivation is temporary, discipline is permanent

One thing I have realized over the time is title of this post. I am a firm believer of idea that motivation, no matter how strong and powerful it may feel, will eventually cool down. It can be a new year’s resolution, a sudden surge of energy you felt while you were passing by the gym, a strong will to lose weight when you saw your tummy in the mirror or a new side project idea that kept you awake all night. We face similar scenarios routinely in our daily lives and all these occasions have a common pattern: a sudden powerful will to act, preparation in excitement, few days of quick action and then not so happy ending. At the end we realize we aren’t motivated enough anymore, we give up the change and simply go back to old routine.

Now let’s take a step back with me and let me share things I regularly do: drink a glass of water after waking up, take shower in the morning, read at least few pages, do some form of physical exercise, brush my teeth before going to bed. These are my personal examples but I am sure every one of us has some similar repeating tasks in our lives. These tasks don’t sound too entertaining, rewarding or motivating but I just do them without giving them much thought.

When I ponder over both scenarios I described above, it makes me realize that once you make a habit out of something you don’t need motivation any longer. Your discipline will keep it going for you and you won’t be even able to recall when was the first time you made this change. So next time when you feel a sudden motivation to make a big change, start slow and try to adopt path of discipline rather than motivation. If it’s a side project, for a start, dedicate 1 hour of every day to it, no more no less. Once you develop a habit of working on side projects daily, it will go a long way and you will be able to achieve much more, good luck!

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