How to setup Google reCAPTCHA in a ReactJS app?

Google’s reCAPTCHA is an industry standard when it comes to fighting bots. Integrating it in a regular web app has almost become a no-brainer, thanks to plugins available on almost every platform to do the job. With this¬†expectation, I started¬†integrating it in my latest app built on ReactJS but¬†encountered many roadblocks. Without going into details, I’m sharing here fastest recipe for integrating it with your ReactJS app.
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The BackboneJS Way of Thinking

So you are frustrated tackling BackboneJS and wondering why it isn’t solving your problems as you had expected it to, after hearing about its glorious penetration in many high profile projects. Well, join the club, you are not alone. Here I’ll share my expectations when I imported BackboneJS for the first time in my project and my learning that I gained after weeks of trial and error and frustration.
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Why Backbone-Relational Sucks?

Apologies for being blunt, but this is what I truly feel after weeks of struggle with Backbone-Relational. Some of the features library boasts are great, but some other problems make its usage horrible. So if you are lured by the cool features this framework claims, here is my candid advice: keep some Disprin tablets along because it is going to give you some serious headaches.
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JavaScript: Using Double Exclamation Marks !!

I have found JavaScript to be a super intuitive language: you learn the basics well, rest of the things will crawl up to your mind themselves. Recently I had to write a function that would tell me if a string is null or empty. Of course you can directly use the string reference to test if it contains anything:
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Regular Expressions In JavaScript

In my first post regarding Regular Expressions (regex), we discussed the basic syntax of regex, its importance and how they are used along with a few examples. I strongly recommend reading that post first if you are completely unfamiliar with regex. Otherwise, lets move on.

This tutorial will not cover what regex are, what are their benefits and the basic syntax. For that refer to my previous post. But this tutorial will

SpringSecurity: Authenticating & Authorizing AJAX Requests (Client-Side Implementation)

This is the last part of SpringSecurity: Authenticating & Authorizing AJAX Requests. In first part, we discussed some background theory. In second part, we went through server-side implementation. Now in this post, we will go through client-side implementation. This implementation will be based upon jQuery, but I hope you can easily translate it in your favorite framework.
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